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Ginger Nest Interiors has been created by Abby Keene, a KLC Design School Graduate and mum of two boys. Previously working in a well known Interior Design company in London she has almost ten years experience in the industry.

Abby wanted to set up an affordable Interior Design service, taking the stigma of unaffordable interior designers away. In 2019 Ginger Nest Interiors for kids was founded, having two kids of her own & seeing a gap in the market, the idea became a reality.

In September 2021, Ginger Nest Interiors expanded into other rooms in the house making this service accessible to everyone, not just for kids!

Ginger Nest Interiors Quote
Ginger Nest Interiors Quote

This has absolutely been a natural progression as I was always asked if I offered a service for more than just kids spaces. I truly believe your home reflects your personality and from the moment you open your door, it should make you smile & be a place where you can start & finish your day really feeling at home. For kids, their spaces should reflect who they are & not just be a fun place to want to hang out in but a safe, comfort blanket that they will always remember.

Ginger Nest Interiors has grown from an idea Abby had sitting at her coffee table with a piece of paper & a pencil to a dream team of designers creating the very best designs for each individual client around the world.


We pride ourselves here at GNI for our team of talented designers. Each one of us puts our all into each design making every one unique. With a combined experience of over 25 years, between us all we have the expertise & desire to create the perfect homes for our clients.



Interior Designer

Hardworking chocoholic with a passion for design & life. Sees the best in people & a sucker for a success story!

In 3 words:
Believe in yourself



Interior Designer

Creative, adventure-seeking, bookworm with a slight obsession for house plants.

In 3 words:
Collect beautiful moments


Interior Designer

Design & creative enthusiast. Thankful & loving mum to a little boy & princess. Partial to a cuppa tea & jammie dodger.

In 3 words:
Never give up



Interior Designer

Serial redecorator with a serious caffeine addiction. Can mainly be found in green spots of London with her dog Elvis.

In 3 words:

Keep it simple


Interior Designer


Perfectionist, tea lover with a passion for design. Loves countryside walks with her family & a cuppa in hand.

In 3 words:
Imagine, believe, achieve



Interior Designer

Fabric loving designer with a keen eye for detail. In my happy place you’ll find me with a paint palette in one hand & a bag of pic'n'mix in the other.

In 3 words:
Find your passion

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