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Your question may well have been answered many times so we have put together some frequently asked questions to help you.

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for then please do get in touch & we can provide all the answers! 

  • Do you offer any discounts for your service?
    We put absolutely all our effort & skills into each and every design, to dilute our time on any project would not be possible and as you pay for our time, we cannot offer any discounts.
  • How does it work?
    The process is so easy - you fill in a questionnaire, send measurements & photo’s of the room(s) along with any inspiration images so we get a very good understanding of your style, we have a little chat about what you would like to achieve from the space & we get going with the designs.
  • What if I don't like the designs?
    We allow up to 3 alterations per design & are on call for up to one month after for any help or questions. You filling in the questionnaire & sending inspiration images is so important for the process to run smoothly, if we get a good understanding of your style & overall look you would like to achieve at the beginning, usually we get the designs right for you first time.
  • Why is it not a set price for other rooms?
    Unlike kids rooms, adults spaces range hugely in size so the design fee depends on how much time will be spent on each design. A lot depends on any existing furniture & what the overall outcome is desired for the space. Some people have a dining area included in their living room for example so this would then require some more time sourcing furniture as well as planning the space.
  • What are your turnaround times?
    We will always aim to have your designs back to you within 3 weeks of receiving your design fee payment & information but this is subject to change during busy periods.
  • Can I purchase a voucher?
    Yes we think an interior designer voucher would make a wonderful gift for a birthday or even a baby shower. This can be a set price of £250 for kids spaces or tailored for adults. You can add a personalised message too.
  • What is a Virtual Interior Designer?
    A designer that can provide all the service that a ‘normal’ interior designer can give at a fraction of the price. Of course, the service is slightly different in terms of physically meeting you, taking our own measurements & photos and we also cannot supply any products BUT reducing our time in these areas by our clients putting in a little allows us to charge less.
  • Does it matter if I have a small budget?
    Not everyone has a high price point for their homes which is how GNI came about in the first place - I wanted to cater to all kinds of budgets so everyone can still receive the same service with a beautiful outcome. When we begin the process, a questionnaire is filled out to get all the details from you including your budgets. Depending on this, we then use suppliers that fit within your price range & might mix one expensive item with less expensive items to get the best of both worlds.
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